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that is how fox reports. i am harris faulkner. we'll see you for a news update in the middle of huckabee. which starts six seconds . have a good one. >> tonight on huckabee, her poll numbers keep rising and so does the scutiny. michelle bachmann's doctor said she can deal with the headache but how about the main stream media . >> it is worth it >> the republican presidential candidate goes one on one with the governor . closest ally in the middle east. this is one country where you have wall to wall americans. >> and under hostile threat. >> this is size of new jersey. 12,000 rockets pounding
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israeli cities. prime minister netanyahu in a huckabee exclusive. >> plus. they may be small but back by popular demand. sleepep man bango boys. >> and good evening. governor mike huckabee. >> thank you . thank you very much. great audience. welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios from new york city. some nut group called freedom from religion has the antenna up because the governor of texas is calling for a day of prayer. even thope the taxpayers are not paying. this group is suing to stop it. it is one thing to express the cynicism as the timing of a prayer event is a precursor to announcement that the governor is running for president. but i can't understand why
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people who don't believe in god and hate religion are afraid of it. if they think prayer is a exercise in futility. shouldn't they want believers praying more. that would keep them doing something harmless instead of screaming for pedestrian to repent. i plan to mess them up. i will pray for them. they need the prayers and i need the practice . another story this week gave me a headache. some disgruntled former staffers of michelle bachmann tried to create the story out of occasional migraine headaches and takes medication for them. boy, that is a big story. that is nonsense that one has to endure running for president. it fries my bacon that the worse criticism of michelle bachmann gets headaches.
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good grief the presidency is a headache. you can see she has unfailing energy and hardly seems incapacitated . i get so tired of the saint was journalism demanding to see the medical records of a female presidential candidate because i staffer who couldn't keep up with them. that is losing one headache and only people i have less use for with someone who does that to a former boss is the gum shoe reporter who usually smells a story. what he usually smells is his own self. brian left on the stage to confront and demand that she answer his questions and got upset when the staffers treated him like the
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incontract jerk he can be. being on the receiving end of his brand of reporting, i realized that he is less the cause of a headache for michelle bachmann and more a pain in the other end of one's anatomy. reporters have a right to ask questions but not demand answers to questions and invade personal space. no candidate is allowed to have a gun pointed to their head. they are free to write stories but not to demand candidates give fodder for it. that's my view. representative michelle bachmann joins me from iowa where she is spending time lately and i can't imagine why she would be doing that. congresswoman, i want to get to what i am discussing.
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not headaches and when the press almost acts if they have a divine right to demand of you your schedule and time the fruseration of dealing with the fact that you have a campaign schedule and can't always stop and answer 15 or 20 minutes of somebody's questions. >> governor, if anyone understands this, you would understand it. in your introduction you stated what the situation was . we knew it would be like this when we got involved in the presidential race. it is worth it. what we are seeing in iowa, south carolina and new hampshire is the devastation that people feel right now. they feel like ashington is not listening to them. they are telling me over and over. michelle hold tough and don't raise the debt ceil yet president obama is wanting to go forward with trillions more debt. that's what they are talking about. they are not talking about the side issues and yourr
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introduction was spot on >> we'll roll sound from the president. he didn't give you credit by name for not wanting to raise the debt ceiling but had stern words for what it might mean. >> can you assure the american people they will get social security checkos august 3rd and who is to blame if not. >> if congress and in particular the house republicans are not willing to make sure that we avoid default, then i think it is fair to say they would have to take responsibility for whatever problems arise in those payments. let me repeat, i am not interested in finger point blaming. >> i found it interesting congresswoman. he was not interested in finger point blaming he spent 30 minutes yesterday blaming
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republicans . spectacularly house republicans that said you are not willing to raise the debt ceiling. is there any condition that you would raise the debt ceiling? >> mike, i put forward a bill together with steve king and other colleague and said this. let's not make the debt ceiling debate political. pay the interest on date so there is no question of default. sufficient revenues are coming in and pay it and stop scaring people about default and second, make sure the brave military men and women are paid and so they are not political pawns . we introduced the bill. all the president needs to do is get behind the bill and take those issues off of the table. what the president doesn't want to do, governor is this. he doesn't want to deal with the spending priorities. because he has not offered a plan. here we are in august 2nd and the president has no plan
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increasing spending and taxes and increasing the debt burden. when i came in congress, we had over 8 trillion in debt. if the president has his way, we'll be 17 trillion in debt. so it took us 230 years to accumulate 8.scen trillion and under this president in five years we have doubled that amount of debt. we can't do that. we have to solve the problem today. >> congresswoman. >> and ople are saying stop raising the debt ceiling. >> but you know if the government does in fact shut down or a default and the credit rating is downgraded, the house republicans, specifically are going to be blamed by the president and he will likely get away with blaming you, how will you answer in essence the accusations that you and your colleagues put america's financial situation in dire
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straits. >> lthe fact is, we offered a plan. the president hasn't and the plan that i offered again would take this simple issue of defaulting on the debt off of the table. the interest on the debt is relatively small amount of money compared to all of the revenue that is come in the treasury. we can make sure without a doubt this afternoon if we want to that we will not default on the debt. if you have a payment on your car, you have to pay the interest on the car or if you have a house payment. minimum the interest even if you can't afford the principle. same with the u.s. government. pay the interest on the debt which is what my bill does and we have to prioritize spending. that's what the president is saying no to. he doesn't want to cut the spending, but the people in the country want us to cut spending. >> congresswoman, stay with us, we'll be back with more
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>> congresswoman i want to ask what happens if the united states doesn't get a deal don on the debt ceiling and interest rates could go up probably will. what then can congress do to counter act that they haven't already done? >> well, again, we need to pay off the interest on the debt. i honestly don't believe that the president and the congress are going to allow us to go into default. this has never happened before and it should not happen now . we have to deal with the interest on the debt. but the problem is the president is insisting on increasing taxs and run away spending. we can't do that. he's not looking at reality. i invited the president to come and talk to the people in
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iowa and south carolina and new hampshire. that is not a gimmick it is a blessing. >> every day. >> you be sure to let me know if he would travel with you. >> i will invite you to come with us. >> i might be willing, but i don't think president obama will go with you to iowa. >> he should. >> one of the questions that is raised is do you have executive experience ready to put you in the white house. that was one of the criticisms and obvious that president obama having not had executive experience, it has hindered his ability to fully comprehend the office and that will be raised of you not having been a governor or a mayor and how do you respond when. asked. >> the issue was not much as lack of experience. more that he was wrong on the issues. that is not true for me. i have demonstrated leadership
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in washington d.c. and in the time i have been in office, speaker pelosi held the level in the house of representatives . demdemocrats held the level of power. i fought their agenda and fought my own party on the $700 billion. i fought against the trillion stimulus and i fought against the 1.61 5 trillion deficit. i am a fighter against obama care. that's what the leadership that i brought to washington and that's what we need in a president with a titanium spine and i broughtt that fight and i will continue to bring it in the white house. >> people are unhappy with the tea party even though they were instrumental in the election. now there is polling information say tea party is so hard lined it is all or nothing mind set, is that going to hurt you.
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you are closely identified with the tea party people across the country? >> well, remember what the tea party is not a political party but a set of ideas. we are taxed enough already and think that the government should not pend more money than what it takes in and the government should follow the constitution. that is a nain stream agenda and the media has been trying to falsely malign the tea party. but the tea party is trying to bring fiscal sanit tow washington. the music is going to stop. the nation is going into decline if we don't change our ways. we know how greece is turning out. but we don't want america to turn that way out. the problems are today and not five years from now. the good thing about the tea party they are trying to bring the issue of the parties of
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today. >> michelle bachmann. i know it is a tough schedule and appreciate you squeezing us. >> you are always the best. thank you, governor. >> our country has a great friendship in israel. if anything thrents our allies it could threaten our national security as well >> coming up. i talked to prime minister netanyahu about the importance of our bond. thought they were dead. [ laughter ] [ grunting ] huh? [ male announcer ] should've used roundup. america's number one weed killer. it kills weeds to the root, so they don't come back. guaranteed. weeds won't play dead, they'll stay dead. roundup. no root. no weed. no problem.
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>> [applause] >> i update the news and provide commentary on the huckabee report on 600 radio stations in the land. if you want to find the station near you or sign up for the daily pod cast go to
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mikehuckabee opinion com. two months ago benjamin netanyahu got a huge reception in washington speaking to the joint session of congress. he made his case why peace agreement with the israel and palestinian should not include a return to the borders of the 1960 war. does he feel our full support? earlier this week, i travel to the prime minister's residence in jerusalem for a interview. >> why does israel matter to the typical american family. what difference does it make? >> i think most americans see in the story of israel a parable of the struggle of mankind. hup manity to lift itself up to a brighter future is a people of israel, the jewish people were left for dead, really.
8:22 pm
thrown out of our land several thousand years ago and thrown in exile and programs and massacre and holocaust and we come back from the dead. rebuild our injured life . our life and ancient homeland and build a state and defend ourselves and build a enterprise and economy and there is hope. there is hope for a free people. with enough guts and enough courage there is hope for everyone. the americans see that. not as a sister democracy but one that struggles for a better future of freedom that all americans and instantously understand and appreciate. i think that is the bond. the bond of value and hope. of courage and hope and freedom and the future. often said that israel and the united states have not an
8:23 pm
organization but an organic relationship. >> are there ways in which you think that there are cultural and military and financial and political historical connections and unique relationships that you can see as you think of the relationship between the u.s. and israel. >> it is very practical. but also ideistic. practic in the sense that we are you and you are us and we view each other and values and cooperate that way. high-tech economy and free enterprizes and cherishes democracy and they are sound and practical implications. because the west and united states is under attack . one reliable place is israel. we'll always be pro america. this is wall to wall pro
8:24 pm
americans and no change. it doesn't make any difference. we are all there for you and we feel you are there for us . but there is eye something deeper. america is the city on the hill and this new birth of freedom that lincoln talked about. city on the hill. you are on that hill and this is that city. jerusalem and welcome to jerusalem and i hope all your viewers come here, too. if you haven't been here you should come here. >> i would agree with that. i want to ask about the incredible reaction you had in the joint session of congress and the american people in the most recent u.s. visit. >> israel has no better friend than america and america has no better friend than israel. [applause]
8:25 pm
were you even surprised at the extraordinary accolades that you got from congress? i mean, it was 29 standing ovations. i never got anything like that mr. prime minister. >> you should come to the cabinet. i don't think i would get that kind of reception. >> i was grat tie heartened by it i had an inkling of that. my wife and i went for a walk in the potomac park and they actually let mow out. my security is tough and your security is tough but more understanding. even though i respect our guys because they have a mission to protect the prime minister. they let me out . i was walk nothing potomac park and going through the tremendous memorials that you have for lincoln and jefferson and roosevelt and the korean
8:26 pm
war memorial they are moving and there are americans there . i noticed that every time as i walked quite a few recognized me and i saw their reaction . you know, and so i in that sense, the congressmen and senators as you well know are representatives of the american people . they -- i felt that they represented something broad. not support for me personally but israel and what it prepresents . that is deep in the united states . it is a very element in our national well being and the connection of america is supreme to us. >> july 26th there will be a debate in the united nations
8:27 pm
regarding palestine and an independent state. i want to ask, does this seem like a threatening move to israel to start watching the arab league push for this and a september vote looming? >> i think that the hope for peace is a negotiated peace it is not going to be imposed by un resolution. the un can decide that the earth is flat . the un can decide that the sun is flat and they can decide anything and they have. they can decide anything they want. what decides the future happens here between us and your neighbors and get piece between united states and the palestinians we need to negotiate the peace. the negotiations are front loaded by the un pushes the peace back. it tells the palestinians they
8:28 pm
don't have to tie and you don't have to negotiate. you will get the approval and you will not have to make the concessions that you have to make in order to make peace. typically the conversation is what concession israel is making. to get peace you have concessions on one side . that would harden the palestinian position and push peace away. in the end of the day, beginning of a real day of peace, peace has to be negotiated. >> is the united states giving you assurances they will do whatever it take to block the actual action in september? >> they can't realistically block a general assemblyy rule. >> but in the security council. >> that is very likely that the u.s. will. >> but likely. >> i am trying to be a diplomat. >> you are a good one. >> i will be surprised if
8:29 pm
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>> from america's news headquarterings, a tense debt limit meeting wrapping up an hour ago. house leaderships in jone boehner's office. they are hoping to agree by tomorrow afternoon on something. senator majority leader harry reid disappointed there is no compromise. be hur to watch the interview tomorrow with john boehner tomorrow. >> a double wave of terror that left norway in mourning. the attornefor the suspect said his client admitted responsibility. one shattered the prime minister's building with a
8:33 pm
powerful bomb. police are investigating whether there might be a second gunman basod witness accounts. 90 people were killed in that. we'll get you back to huckabee. >> june 29th, the un resolution that said indig news people have a right to exist and strengthen cultures and traditions. a lot of israelis believe that is israel. >> we are an indigenous . people. we have been her 4000 people, thos all. abraham came here, and you know, sons of jacob and one of them called benjamin. they walked around israel and it was 3800 years. >> boy that definition, israel should be in a good position. is it a useful tool that israel hasly and globally to
8:34 pm
point to the u>>'s own rules and resolution to say if you go by that definition israel has a right to exist and to have level of absolute security? >> look, i think that the proof of this pudding is in the eating and what they are doing, they are you know, not really recognizes the principles awn when it come to israel. i call it the triple standard. there is sort of a an acceptable double standard in international relations. one standard for the dictator hips and one for the democracies and when there is israel. it is a third standard. you never expect other democracies to accept what israel has gone through. we have can you imagine another democracy with 12,000
8:35 pm
rockets pounded on the cities asked to be taking approximate care and caution not to take action against the offending enemies of rocketeers? that is what israel does. this is a country half of the size of belgium and it is the size of new jersey. can you imagine what your viewer in new jersey with 12,000 rockets pounding new jersey cities, trenton, you know? where was frank sinatra. hoe boken and all rockets. >> i anyhow that. >> i knuthat. that was a trick question . so all of these cities are pummeled by rockets, what do you think the people of new jersey would say. do anything and everything. >> it wouldn't take 12,000 markets and i looked at that extraordinary cash of rockets stacked and i have often said
8:36 pm
it wouldn't take several thousand. it would take one and the american people would demand things be done. >> that is same of european countryies and true of russia and china. israel is held to a triple standard. >> why is it so different? it seems illogical that israel would be asked to sit back and take another few thousand rockets and no other nation on earth and especially the united states would tolerate that? >> i think a lot of people people recognize the israel right to exist. but they don't recognize israel's right to defend itself in order to exist . that is where we begin to see these you know, this criticism of isram. i think it is it unwarranted and unfair?
8:37 pm
where does that come from? i can give you explanations and numbers of arab countries, something is happening because a lot of the arab governments want israel to be able to defend itself against the rising tide of lam lamb radicalism that threatens them, too. but there is a deeper explanation . i often ask myself. it is obvious that israel is attacked by terrorist who are terrorizing the citizens and flying rocets in the cities and calling for the aniliation and tearing it to shreds and yet israel is accused when they take action to defend itself. it has partly to do also with historical, havoc. because for thousands of years, the jewish people didn't have a state .
8:38 pm
we were absolutely helpless . we were the perfect victim. jews were slaughtered. they were massacred. they were pitied . we could do no wrong because we couldn't do anything . now we have a state in which we actively defend ourselves. you have a state and an army and you have to consider when to stop an attack on your borders and you take action. you know, it is messier. it was a cleaner and perfect world when the jew was a perfect victim . we don't want to be a perfect victim and we don't want to be perfectly dead and so we take action. i think that there is a historical time in which nations that used to look at jews in that way, sort of helpless object, have to adjust to the idea that we are no different than them.
8:39 pm
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>> it all started there in tehran when the ayatollah regime stole the election and
8:43 pm
millions walked in the streets and they were butchered quickly and silenced. there is a pal papable yearning in the arab and islamic world and middle east for a new beginning. i think most people left to their own devices would want a deamcracy. but they are under the people with the guns and superior organization. they deprive them their freedoms as in lebanon and iran. we would all like to see the triumph of democracy. if democracy triumphs we'll have peace. because most people don't want their sons and daughter to go to battlefield and die. they don't want war they don't typically initiate wars and democracies x. if we have peace and genn win democracy
8:44 pm
and peace. the jury is out on where this thing is going. let's hope it goes toward the right direction and make it work as best we can to make it go the right direction. >> tune in next week with more of the exclusive interview with benjamin netanyahu. we got so much positive reaction to the sleepy man ban yo band. we decided to bring them back . this time, i will be joining them. stay with us. where do you go to find a busess backed by the superguarantee®?
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only& suonline.s®. on your phone. or in the book. go to superpages®. and let the good guys save the day.
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>> a lot of people didn't believe me a trio of young brothers from new jersey could play plugrass with the best of them. seeing and hearing is believing and you loved them so much we decided to bringg them back for an encore. we'll the sleepy man ban jo boys. guys, welcome back. >> this is the first time ever that we had such deplanned for musical guests that we brought them back the next week. tommy, you feel like. did your friends watch you. >> they did. >> just show your friends. >> how is that heavy. >> it is crazy . >> it weighs more than you do. >> probably. >> robby, are you ready to play. >> i am. >> i am playing with you. we'll do a classic bluegrass and dedicated it to earl scrugs. foggy mountain break down.
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ready. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [applause]
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sleepy man banjo boys. their website is up . by the way, we'll be back next week and have a great show for you. we'll close out for you with one more little piece of the sleepy man banjo boys. ♪ ♪
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>> how close is iran close to nuclear material. >> it is getting close. >> how close. months or years? >> we know it is publicly stated they have over four metric ton 4500 kilos low
8:53 pm
enriched urepublican yalm and they are doing it at a higher rate and make the stuff for nuclear weapons and they have developed this massive program and the ballistic missile to carry them. they can carry it and ultimately reach the united states and carry medical isotopes . we know what they are there for. everybody knows. you know, 15 years ago, when i first spoke about this, the danger of iran acquiring nuclear weapons. i spoke before the u.s. congress. i had just been elected first time as prime minister of israel and the greatest threat facing humanity was the arms of iran with nuclear weapons and a lot of eye brows were raised. now they were not raised. now there is great support not only among the senators and you congressman and world
8:54 pm
leaders understands that and world understands that iran is getting closer and closer and closer to nuclear weapons . i think this will have devastating consequences for everyone and middle east and arab nations and us. if iran has nuclear weapons, then the arab spring will turn in an iranian winter. i am convinced of that. the security of my country at stake . future of the middle east and control over the world's oil supplies and the direction of where the arab world goes. does it go to democracy or iranian style dictatorship? a lot of that will be determined by the acquisition or development of nuclear weapons by iran. this is a terrorist reyeem. it is worn to anilalation and helping to kill americans and
8:55 pm
fostering terror world wide. to have iran with nuclear weapons means that the spectrum of nuclear terrorism becomes very, very real and that is a place we don't want to go. >> immediate threat to israel. >> and you, too. >> a lot of people in the united states don't understand how it would be. i think you have been clear in the past that you have no intention of letting iran get to the point. would the u.s. be supportive and part of that operation to insure that iran doesn't get to that point? >> president obama said the u.s. is determined to prevent iran from getting nuclear weapons and that is the right policy. there have been strong sanctions that the president led in the united nations security council and even stronger sanctions were adopted by the u.s. itself. now these have taken a bite out of the iranian economy and
8:56 pm
that's important. but i think that the only thing that will get iran to stop, is the combination of strong sanctions, even stronger ones and the knowledge that its sanctions fail, then the international community is prepared to take credible military action. but the combination of the two, that will make the sanctions work and paradoxically make military option unnecessary. >> if israel feels it has to act immediately are you prepare to do that even without blessing and support of other middle eastern neighbors and the u.s.. >> i said iran is a threat to everyone. it is a threat to israel and arab world and united states and europe and many others. i think it is an international threat that requires an solution. the right solution and strong
8:57 pm
sanctions backed up by the kind of clarity that said look, we are prepared and we are determined to prevent you from getting nuclear weapons . we'll take whatever action is necessary that's what president obama has said and i think that is the right approach. >> in the middle east there is a lot of upheaval in libya and europe and syria. is israel in a safer or more vulnerable place because of what is perceived as the shake up and something toward freedom and it hasn't turned out that way quite yet. >> you are right . it depends on what will happen. we'll be in a safer place if it moves toward genuine democracy and less safe place as it moves to an iranian style theocracy. lebanon five years ago was in a revolution . it was just millions poured in the streets of the beirut.
8:58 pm
that is like 20 billion egyptians. huge numbers and they were demonstrating for free lebanon and free democratic progressive lebanon. five years later, hezbollah, that hope was bashed . you know, the question is where do the arab countries and iran go to . it started in tehran when the ayatollah regime stole the election and millions of those . millions walked in the streets and were butchered and silenced. there is a yearning in arab world and slam sham world and middle east for a new beginning. i think most people left to their own devices, they would
8:59 pm
opt for a democracy. but they are not left to their own democracy. people wit the guns and superior organizations, they deprive them of their freedoms as they did in lebanon and as they did in iran. we would like, we all would like to see a triumph of democracy. if democracy triumphs, we'll have peace. because in a genuine democracy, the public will. most people don't want sons and daughters to go to battlefields to die. they don't want war and don't typically initiate war. if we have peace and genuine democracy. we'll have genuine peace. but the jury is out on where it is going. let's hope it goes the right direction and work as best as we can to make it go in the right direction. [applause] >> make sure to tune in next week for more of myex

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News/Business. Mike Huckabee comments on the news of the day. New.

TOPIC FREQUENCY Israel 32, Us 10, America 9, U.s. 9, Iran 9, Michelle Bachmann 7, Cialis 6, Lebanon 5, United States 5, Un 4, Obama 4, Jerusalem 3, Experimenter 3, At&t 3, Iowa 3, Huckabee 2, United Nations 2, South Carolina 2, Europe 2, Washington 2
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